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  1. stay on

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    • 1. 留在上面 my hat wouldn't stay on 我的帽子老是掉下來 the lid won't stay on properly 這個蓋子蓋不嚴實
    • 2. 留下繼續學習 to stay on in full-time education 繼續接受全日制教育 he hopes to stay on at university and do research 他希望留在大學裡繼續學習並做研究工作
    • 3. 留下 to stay on in Britain 留在英國
    • 4. 繼續在崗 I would like him to stay on after his present contract expires 他現在的合同到期後,我想讓他繼續幹下去 to stay on as a board member 繼續擔任董事
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    • stay put on” ??

      stay put: To remain in a fixed or established position (1) 停留...沒有變化 例句: I'm not moving there, I'd rather stay put. (2) I keep adjusting the focus, but it won't stay...

    • [英文] stay on top of的意思與用法?

      You must stay on top of current developments. 這句英文又應該如何翻譯呢? ----- 請先想像一下,站在高點上,居高臨下,眼界之下一切瞭然於胸的景況.這就是"stay on top of something"的意思:"掌握某事的狀況".所以:"You...

    • 請問 stay on track 的中文意思是什麼呢?

      track是軌道上, stay on track 字面意思是待在軌道上, 來指工作是在正軌上進行, 並沒有偏離或改變, 有持續進行, 進步的意思~~就是這樣囉