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  1. stay on

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    • 1. 留在上面 my hat wouldn't stay on 我的帽子老是掉下來 the lid won't stay on properly 這個蓋子蓋不嚴實
    • 2. 留下繼續學習 to stay on in full-time education 繼續接受全日制教育 he hopes to stay on at university and do research 他希望留在大學裡繼續學習並做研究工作
    • 3. 留下 to stay on in Britain 留在英國
    • 4. 繼續在崗 I would like him to stay on after his present contract expires 他現在的合同到期後,我想讓他繼續幹下去 to stay on as a board member 繼續擔任董事