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    • Keep calm and Chive On的意思" (probably the best site in the world). It means stay the course no matter what. Chive On refers to the mutual understanding between Chivers on how to...

    • 請問why are you 跟why did you之不同

      ... course?是錯的 應該改成why did you attend the training course? 是問你之前為何要參加訓練課程 how long do you plan on staying here不可以簡化成how long do you plan stay here? 因為這樣會有兩個動詞 plan 和 stay...

    • 英文問題(這應該也是片語吧,真的非常感謝)

      ...說invite relatives to stay 邀親戚留下clear(water) 乾淨的水cooking course 烹飪課fall off (skies) 跌落hard(difficult) 困難,hard 的另外一個意義是「堅硬」stay on (skies) 留在 - 有的是片語,有的是習慣用語