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    • So what can you buy a person..

      So what can you buy a person for his or her birthday who never stays the same. 如果你的朋友是追求時尚的那種人,你該買什麼當他的生日禮物? stay the...

    • 麻煩一下~有人知道這2句中文意思嗎

      ...的句子本身有點錯誤,我想還原之後應該是如此... Jones staies(stayed) the same.(He) Takes(Took) good care always. 翻譯為: 瓊那斯和往常...

    • 幫忙英翻中YOU AND WE

      you and me 你和我 things would have stayed the same if we never came across each other 如果我們...become one 如果我們能心靈相通而合而唯一 one and the same 同樣的心 you and me 你和我 this land spread...