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  1. steamed

    • steam的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • 請問 steam 和 sting 的中文

      steam: KK: [] DJ: [] n.[U] 1. 蒸汽,水蒸汽;水汽;蒸汽壓力 Who invented the steam engine? 誰發明了蒸汽機? 2. 【口】精力;氣力 He had...

    • It is steaming hot,如何解釋?

      It is steaming hot. It is too hot to breathe in and out. 熱氣騰騰的,熱得呼吸...很熱,因為蒸汽(steam)比沸水(boiling water)更熱(高於100℃),蒸餸(steaming food)就是用這個原理哩! 2010-04-24 22:44:03 補充: 答2010-04-24 09:12:22...

    • the steam going through 這樣可以嗎

      The steam going through the nozzle, gives a whistle. 蒸汽流過噴嘴發出哨音...否定句要用either. 2009-08-10 15:48:46 補充: 鍋爐(Boiler)或蒸汽產生器(Steam Generator)所裝置的Blow-down Valave, Blow-off...