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    • 急!請幫我中翻英要流暢 勿用翻譯軟體 謝!

      ...smellly ! Cook the soya-bean milk, it is really some of trouble Only steeping beans will take one day soon , in addition, grind , boil and boil , filter ... Every link consumes a lot of time, ...

    • 英文文章 英翻中

      空氣也許是其它因素在地球材料下來陡峭的傾斜移動的大量。由下落的岩石殘骸限制, 空氣也許作為坐墊減少摩擦在滑的材料和部下的岩石或地面之間。類型山崩。山崩和相關現象典型地被分類根據它行動材料被運輸和方式的型。崩落的岩石介入根底最近被分開的塊的運動沿被掀動的, 水被...

    • 幫幫忙...英文作文幫我看一下

      ... so serious? Taiwan has a very steep and loose geology, and Taiwan people like to chew the... a kind of plant, and plants can grasp the ground. The debris flow problem will be better, that...