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  1. steer

    • IPA[stɪə(r)]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:steered 過去分詞:steered 現在分詞:steering

    • 釋義


    • 1. 駕駛 to steer a bicycle 騎自行車 to steer the car through the entrance 把車開進大門
    • 2. 帶領 she took my arm and steered me towards the door 她抓住我的胳膊,把我帶往門口 he was steered to a chair in the corner 他被領到角落裡的一把椅子前
    • 3. 沿著…前進 to steer a direct course for the port 沿著一條筆直的航線駛往港口 he steered his way towards the buffet table 他朝自助餐桌走去
    • 4. 引導 he tried to steer the conversation away from his divorce 他試圖把談話從他離婚一事上轉移開 to steer a bill through parliament 使法案在國會通過
    • 5. 遵循 the skill is in steering a middle course between the two extremes 技巧在於避開兩個極端,走中間路線 to steer one's way towards a solution/to success 尋求解決的辦法/走上成功的道路


    • 1. 駕駛 you row and I’ll steer 你划槳,我來掌舵 they steered due south 他們朝著正南方行駛
    • 2. 行駛 the ship steered into port 船駛進了港口
    • 3. 可駕駛 how does the car steer now? 現在這輛車開起來怎麼樣? the boat didn't steer very well because the rudder was bent 這條船駕駛起來不太靈活,因為舵彎了


    • 1. 指點 to ask for a steer 徵求建議 to give sb. a bum steer 誤導某人