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  1. stem from

    • ph.
      起源於; 由...造成
    • 釋義


    • 1. 起源於; 由...造成 His error stemmed from carelessness. 他的錯誤是由於粗枝大葉而造成的。 discontent stemming from low pay and poor working conditions 因工資低、工作條件差而產生的不滿情緒
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    • stemmed from or stemming from

      ...的, 只是:The trial of the First Lady on charges stemming from the alleged misuse of state funds is set to resume later...

    • where的問題

      ...謝謝:) 我們先簡單的翻譯一下這個句子: The jury tampering charge stems from a scheme to infiltrate the hotel where sequestered jurors stayed...

    • Word Stems解釋的中文翻譯

      Stems from the base of many English words. 的 from 應該是 form 吧?) 字根...