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  1. step on it


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    • 1. 【口】趕快 We were late, so we told the taxi driver to step on it. 我們遲到了,所以我們請司機趕快。 We'll have to step on it if we don't want to be late. 如果我們不想遲到的話,得趕快。
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    • make tracks......幾個片語的問題

      ...), or we'll miss the train. 快點,否則我們會趕不上火車。 step on it : used to tell someone to drive faster or to hurry 用來告訴別人開...

    • 請問 race off 是什麼意思?

      race = step on it = to act quickly, to move or progress swiftly = 快速的前行 race off = to get off quickly 一般用 "get off the bus" 意指 "下 (公) 車" 在此用 "race off" 強調其行動的迅速 中譯為 "他火速地 (趕) 下 (公) 車."

    • 英文字詞 翻譯這個詞

      ...the advice of my old friend Samblich that I was not to step on them myself. I saw to it that not a few of them stood "business end" up; http://www.ibiblio...