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    • step over的中文意思

      step over 的中文意思就是:越過了... (某件事物)這個用詞可以用在物理上或心理上的敘述...line 最常一起搭配, 和 cross over the line 的意思一樣.例句:You have really stepped over the line this time你這次越過了界限 (你這次超過了可容忍的範圍之外)Don...

    • OVER的意思是?!

      ...方面 ad. 1. 在上方;在上空 2. 倒下,翻倒 3. 從一邊至另一邊;越過 She stepped over to the other side to avoid meeting him. 她走到大街另一邊,避免與他...

    • 影片30秒的翻譯!

      ... of all, aim for the head. after that you do the 3 to 5. and you repeat that step over and over while holding shift or control. and then if you absolutely you have to, then...