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  1. stereo system


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    • 英文造句 英文高手來幫個忙

      1.If you won I would buy you a stereo system, however, you had lost. 2. Whenever I go there, I will...

    • 幾句中翻英、日文

      燙衣板 :ironing board,アイロン台 音響 :component stereo system,コンポ 收納箱 :box,しゅうのうばこ(収納箱) Free furnicture. Pleas call to dormitory (525) to Eric.  

    • 兩個名詞可以放在一起?

      現代英文的文法概念已趨模糊,這樣的例子還有: table leg 桌腳 car accident 車禍 stereo system 音響設備