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    • Translate to Chinese

      ...taste fry even and then. Move all materials in the frying pan in and stew on the pan, add the soy sauce, soup-stock to stew and boil for 6 - 8 hours with...

    • 可以請大家幫我翻譯菜單嗎?足感恩唷!

      ...抱歉, 我只會一些... 希望有幫助. 燻鴨會維納斯豬排(Smoked Duck stewed with Venus Cheeses Pork) 香檸鲑魚排(Pan Fired Salmon Steak with Lemon)這道是用煎的...

    • 烹煮食物時會用的英文

      ...; otherwise the fish skins will adhere to the pan. 在煎魚之前你得先熱鍋,否則魚皮會黏在鍋子上。 2...魚用蒸的比用炸的來得健康一些。 再給你另一個燜: stew 或 braise Ex. You have to stew the sirloin for...