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  1. stick

    • IPA[stɪk]



    • n.
    • 名詞複數:sticks

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 枝條 a dry stick 枯枝 her arms were like sticks 她的雙臂骨瘦如柴
    • 2. 枴棍 the old lady leant on her stick as she talked 老太太說話時拄著枴棍
    • 3. 棍子
    • 4. 球棍
    • 5. 小棍 pieces of pineapple on sticks 一串串插在小棍上的菠蘿塊
    • 6. a stick of celery/rhubarb 一株芹菜/大黃
    • 7. 棍狀物 a stick of dynamite/glue 一根炸藥棒/膠棒
    • 8. 條狀物 carrot sticks 胡蘿蔔條 a stick of butter 一條黃油
    • 9. 集束炸彈
    • 10. 批評 to get or take (some or a lot of) stick (from sb.) 受到(某人的)嚴厲批評 to give sb. (some or a lot of) stick 嚴厲批評某人
    • 11. 操縱桿
    • 12. 變速桿


    1. push a sharp or pointed object into or through (something)

    2. stab or pierce with a sharp object

    3. protrude or extend in a certain direction

    4. put somewhere, typically in a quick or careless way

    5. adhere or cling to something

    6. fasten or cause to adhere to something

    7. be or become convincing, established, or regarded as valid

    8. be or become fixed or jammed as a result of an obstruction

    9. accept or tolerate (an unpleasant or unwelcome person or situation)


    「1. adhere or cling to something」的反義字

  2. 知識+

    • stick it to me的意思 stick it to (someone), Slang. to take advantage of; treat unfairly. stick it to...quot;嚴厲的批評,懲罰,或打擊報復我" See stick it to someone = to harshly criticize, punish, or retaliate against someone 2009-05-30...

    • 有關stick的問題

      這個字有十幾種用法,只說最主要的: 名詞 - 棍子,stick and carrot 棒子和紅蘿蔔,賞與罰 動詞 - 糾纏,堅持...名詞)是搶劫的意思,(動詞)打劫及支持兩種意思‧ I stick up for you. 我支持你 I stick you up. 我挺你

    • stick in mind用法及outback與van的用意

      我不認為 stick in mind 是片語 因為 stick 在這裡表示"深印"的意思 但是你可以說 stick in my mind 也可以說 stick in my head (例: That song ...