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  1. stick in the mud

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    • 釋義


    • 1. (使)陷入泥淖 The truck got stuck in the mud. 卡車陷入了泥淖。
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    • 這是什英文阿?

      stick-in-the-mud】 → 可當形容詞指〝遲鈍的〞.〝守舊的〞.〝頑固的〞.還有〝心胸狹窄的〞 →也可當名詞是指《遲鈍的人》.《守舊的人》.《保守的人》!!

    • 英文講稿 翻譯

      ... by it at the first I read it. 那是在╳╳╳裡的課程:Stuck In The Mud. 內容是再述說: That was a text in XXX : Stuck in...

    • 簡單的英文劇本

      ...will you have the great kindness to do me a favor? My cow is stuck in the mud, a quarter of a mile from here. And I can't pull her out. ...