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  1. stick insect


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    • 竹節蟲的問題與解答:

      ...時,身體會保持靜止不動,以欺騙敵人,植食性。全球已知2500種。   竹節蟲 Stick Insect (有翅型) 在昆蟲界中竹節蟲可是數一數二的偽裝高手,擬化為樹枝、枯草之...

    • 誰能幫哇翻譯捏?><><

      ... 蝴蝶 A butterfky is a flying insect. 蝴蝶是一種飛行的昆蟲 It has a long, thin...牠有兩隻鮮艷的翅膀 Two long antennae stick out from its head. 兩條長的觸角在頭上伸出 ...

    • 翻譯一篇文章成英文

      ..., it usually turns them into scary insects, like spiders or palmer worms. 3. ...not just a usual elephant, he has green hair and a stick to punish the bad guys, every human who tease another...