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  1. stick out

    • ph.
      突出, 伸出
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    • ph.
    • 1. 突出, 伸出

      His ears stick out. 他長著一對搧風耳。

      a girl sticking her tongue out at her brother 向哥哥伸舌頭的女孩兒

    • ph. 【口】(雖然困難或不愉快)堅持到底, 一直忍下去

    • He hates the job -- but he's determined to stick it out because he needs the money. 他討厭那工作--但因為需要錢, 只好橫下心來幹下去。

    • vt. 堅持要求

    • they are sticking out for a higher pay rise 他們堅持要求更大幅度的加薪

    • ph. 極醒目; 極顯眼

    • Her honesty sticks out a mile. 她很誠實, 這是有目共睹的。

    • ph. 【口】堅持要求某事物; 不獲得某事物絕不罷休

    • They're sticking out for higher wages. 他們堅持要求提高工資。

    • ph. 【口】做有風險的事

    • I may be sticking my neck out, but I think he's going to win. 我這可謂孟浪之言, 但我仍認為他能獲勝。

    • ph. 很顯眼(常含貶義); 扎眼

    • The modern office block sticks out like a sore thumb among the old buildings in the area. 那座現代的辦公樓直挺挺地豎在那片舊建築物群中十分扎眼。

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    • ph.


    • ph.
    • vi.
    • his ears stick out 他長著一對招風耳

      there was a large nail sticking out of the back tyre 後輪胎扎上了一根大釘子

    • vt.
    • to stick one's tongue out (at sb.) (朝某人)吐舌頭

      don’t stick your arm out of the car window 別把胳膊伸出車窗

  2. 知識+

    • stuck out to me (意思是.........)

      stick out在此應解為 to be easy to notice or remember because of being unusual or different 譯為:因其特殊不同而引人注意或記住 A quote that stuck out to me while reading. 當我閱讀該文時,有句格言特別引起我的注意

    • 幫忙翻譯一下!別太白話刺青用的!!

      Stick it out till the end of life, just for you! 或 Stick it out till the end of life! (好處: 免得下任女或男友,問那個「你」是指誰。) 或 Stick it out! 說明: 1. Stick it out: 堅持到底;拼到最後 2. 既然是「激勵」的...

    • 請問一下 stand out 等於 put out 嗎?

      ...沒有 standing out 啊。你抄錯了。 put out your hand 伸出手來 stick out my tongue 伸出舌頭來 中文翻譯都是 【伸出來】 但是 put out 就是擺出來...