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  1. stiff-backed

    • KK[ˋstɪfˋbækt]
    • DJ[ˋstifˋbækt]


    • adj.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 腰背挺直的
    • 2. 嚴厲的;嚴格的
    • 3. 傲慢的;刻板的
  2. 知識+

    • laid-back

      ...that the rider seems almost to be reclining, a position very unlike the stiff and upright position of car drivers. Consequently, their laid-back posture came to symbolize a relaxed and easygoing manner about doing...

    • 未來完成 未來完成進行

      ...的一點,不是終點,意思已經很明白。 by the time you get back, we will have taken care of everything 這裡沒有用完成...注意上面 DSG 大師的例子,直覺它就用 dead and stiff, live and flexible。 and 是連接詞,連接前後兩字詞性相同...

    • 一段醫學英文請幫忙翻譯~有關SLEEPING~20點

      ...head and the back of your neck (when on your back) or next to your cheek (when on your side) pressure. Regardless of how you sleep, you may be stiff in the morning. This will improve with time. 要注意捲起...