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  1. stir something up

    • ph.
      cause or provoke trouble or bad feeling
  2. 知識+

    • we got beef 的意思

      .... They are used to instigate (stir up) fights. 請問這兩句話是粗俗的說法嗎? ... it'd be pretty impressive if you could make something up with feisty elements in it. Let ...

    • 急需迪克生片語30~31的內容

      ...晒乾/枯竭 dry out/sober up漏失/使變乾/戒掉酒癮 be up to(something)正在做~ beat around the bush拐彎抹角 come to an end結束...around/screw around遊手好閒/開玩笑 look out on面對/俯視 stir up激怒/引起(問題) take in訪問/縮小尺寸/欺騙 ...

    • 請給我''How come,How long''此歌中文歌詞

      ...somebody's life HOOK I on occasion met that guy He stirred up bad feelings deep inside Something about him wasn't right The way he proves himself...