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  1. stir up

    • ph.
      使...激動, 惹起
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    • 1. 使...激動, 惹起 His speech stirred up my mind. 他的演說使我心潮起伏。 They have reached out and stirred up troubles everywhere. 他們已擴展開來, 到處興風做浪。


    使...激動, 惹起

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      He stressed that he was not trying to stir up anti-Korean sentiment, but rather "to protest the irresponsibility behavior of the...

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      ...就是採用有一個旁白的默片的日式處理方式 希望你看得懂 2. it would only be stirring up trouble if the irrepressibly popular kung fu movies were cut back 主要句子...