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  1. stop by

    • ph.
      串門子; 串門兒
    • 釋義


    • 1. 串門子; 串門兒 Ask him to stop by for a chat. 請他來坐坐, 聊聊天。
  2. 知識+

    • 如何用stop by造句。

      stop by = to visit someone briefly, usually on the way to another place example: I was passing your house, so I thought I would stop by for a chat. Feel free to stop by anytime !! You are always ...

    • stopped by 請問是什麼意思?可以幫我翻譯嗎 謝謝

      Stop by 是順便拜訪的意思,跟 drop by 是同意字,兩個字可以混著用,事先不先打電話通知,有點隨性的感覺,且時間不常. stopped by to say就是順便拜訪然後說什麼的意思, 例句: Would you stop by to...

    • 影片中 what don't you spot by 幫翻譯

      1.片語stop by =stop in的拜訪 (( in I hope you'll stop by this afternoon, or He stopped...粉無言! 5.所以~ 主持人接著一直重播....stop by 調侃stop by順便停留一下=順便(到我家...