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  1. stop in

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    • 此短句為什麼要加in,不加可以嗎?

      ...標點(特指句號) here→4. 逗留;歇宿 We made a stop in Tokyo. 我們在東京停留了一下。 5. 塞住;阻礙 6...

    • 影片中 what don't you spot by 幫翻譯

      1.片語stop by =stop in =Pay a brief visit=短暫的拜訪 (( in I hope you'll stop by this afternoon, or He stopped in at Martha's whenever he came to New York on business...

    • 請教有關於介係詞片語的問題

      The rain will stop in the afternoon. 其中 in the afternoon是不是屬於一個介係詞片語並且用來...補充: 1.修飾語可以修飾主詞,這時屬形容詞性質.The rain will stop in the afternoon.這句的修飾語是修飾述部(即will stop),述部是包括主要...