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  1. stop off

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    • 1. 中途稍作停留(做某事) stop off at the pub on the way home 歸途中在酒錐逗留片刻



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    • 火車出軌意外,請大大們幫我檢視文法問題

      ... out of the car and went into the building? f.We stop off for a sandwich on our way to the airport. --> We will stop for a sandwich...

    • slacking off的翻譯??

      ...: Jack, you need to get the financial report done by next monday. Stop slacking off or you will be fired.

    • 請幫我翻on/off/set, start/(急~20點)

      你要翻中文是吧!? 這些應該是機台上操作使用的 ON = 開啟, 啟動 OFF = 關閉 SET = 設定 START = 開始運轉 STOP = 停止運轉 GO = 執行 或是 翻成 確認 (視你機台的種類 操作面板定義...