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  1. stops

    • stop的名詞複數
  2. 知識+

    • 我要Don't U Ever Stop的歌詞

      DON'T U EVER STOP Fire's the fear might come at night...正直に 欲しがって Don't u ever stop わかってる Don't stop 運命は ...

    • stop...from

      The heavy rain stopped me from going to the movie. 大雨讓我不能去看電影 Can you...

    • stop to+V / stop ving

      Please stop talking and listen to me. 這句是用在人對人之間,某一方要停止另一方正在進行的動作,而得以開始下一個動作。例如在這裡,please stop 是A某對B某請求stop talking,因為B還在說話所以正在...