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  1. store up

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    • 1. 收藏 Ants store up food against (for) the winter. 螞蟻貯藏冬季的食物。



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    • 請問超商取貨的英文

      ...項商品 I'd like to purchase this item by (convenience) store pick-up. BTW, store pick-up is one of the on-line optional...advance. e.g. You buy a TV online and you pick it up at ur local store after arrived.

    • 請問一下stock跟 store有什麼差別呢?

      ...thick sweaters and jackets (away) until next winter. Squirrels store (up) nuts for the winter. ================================================== 從以上的英文字典...

    • 英文翻譯(珍藏回憶,收納幸福)

      珍藏回憶,收納幸福 Treasure up memories, store up happiness 圖片參考: