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  1. storm cloud


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    • 畢業海報英文翻譯

      ... to a heavy rain, wind and rain, we move forward逆着 Through the storm clouds, patting their own wings to fly Across the wind and...

    • Ateryu - Storm to pass 歌詞翻譯20點 done Afterthoughts Of past storms weathered before 以前那個狂亂的夜,我們之間..., no! 噢、不! 噢、不! I watch the clouds roll in 我看著風起雲湧 Oh, no! Oh, no...

    • 英文的問題 麻煩高手幫忙解決

      ...雲彩 get wind of something 得到某事的風 fair-weather friend公正風化朋友 weather the storm經受風暴 every cloud has a silver lining黑暗之中總有一絲光明 when it rains...