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    • 英文翻譯 急急急

      六十-在那裡數年在日本軍隊之後向岸地狂怒咆哮,上海對日本居民的鄰近地區感到有點。日本人-語言的雜誌迎合富有的亞洲人有從餐廳檢討到性別俱樂部項目表的每件事物的亡命國外者,而且日本商會的會員資格目錄看喜歡一誰是誰日本的企業世界。 日本亡命國外者的和平共存突然在...

    • Trading partners 一文中~~

      ..., using barricades made of furniture 學生無視警察的驅離,還用家具做障礙物 the opposition... pushed past riot police to storm the government headquarters,pulling down barbed...

    • 急~英文文法[檢查錯誤] 英文高手快進!!

      ... in Kansas during a storm. 1. able to change naturally without ...complaintt; to complaint strongly about something. protest 4. a rule made by a government...and slow to do it. reluctant 6. the group of people who control a country. government 7...