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    • 1. 故事的點子或構想 Mr. Martin likes to travel, especially when he runs out of story ideas. 馬丁先生喜歡旅行, 尤其是故事點子用完時。
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    • 甚麼是story pitch

      What's a story pitch? A newsworthy idea written up in a press release , a story suggestion.... If you’ve tried placing stories with the media before, you know that people on the...

    • 空中英語教室...20點 that many journalists are using blogs to get story ideas. If blogs are influencing mass media, then...

    • 新聞的MAIN IDEA?(20點)

      ...the New York Times said yesterday. MAIN IDEA: Former President Nixon bought a four-story house.8.EDMONTON, Canada (AP)─An ...