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    • 請問要怎麼教外國人寫毛筆?

      ...paper. To begin, add some water to the ink stone. Then take the ink stick straight up and down in your hand, and place it vertically on the ink stone. Then softly grind...

    • 英文成語的中文翻譯?(不要翻譯機的)

      ...              久等3.straight from the horse's mouth     來自權威和可靠的消息4.neck and neck...不要興風作浪8.up in the air...很有趣味性 and downs...

    • 我很急~~請幫我卸貨的過程~~<英文>

      ...不繞圈圈.Going more down, the drive way for container trucks are straight up and down, withouts any turns or circles. 這就是卸貨的過程...