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  1. straighten out

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 變直


    • 1. 使變直 she sat down, straightening out one leg 她伸著一條腿坐了下來 he untwisted the wire and straightened it out 他解開纏繞的電線後又把它拉直
    • 2. 清理 I need time to straighten out the mess 我需要時間來收拾這個爛攤子 to straighten out a misunderstanding 澄清誤會
    • 3. 幫…改進 I used to eat loads of junk food, but my husband straightened me out 我過去經常吃大量垃圾食品,但我的丈夫幫我改掉了這個習慣 to straighten oneself out 改過自新
    • 4. 為…解除困惑 she straightened me out about a lot of things 她幫我弄清楚了很多事情
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      You can also see the straightening out of his four-seam fastball. Thus, clearly curves are not the answer 你同樣能看到4縫線的快速直球。然而,很清楚的曲球不是答案。

    • 一小段棒球文章翻譯 be rather straight pitches anyway and so don't suffer much from the straightening out as do other pitches. After all, losing 20 percent of 4 ...

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      ... to dig a tunnel. 他們用握在手中的湯匙挖掘通道 get this mess straightened out 清理乾淨 I'm liking San Diego. 這句很...