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  1. straighten out

    • ph.
      變直; 理清; 解決
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    • ph.
    • 1. 變直; 理清; 解決

      He tried to straighten out the bent wire. 他試圖把彎曲了的金屬線弄直。

      The disagreement between them will not be straightened out overnight. 他們之間的分異在一夜之間就能弄清。


    變直; 理清; 解決

    • ph. 【口】使某人消除疑慮; 給某人解釋清楚

    • You're clearly rather muddled about office procedures but I'll soon straighten you out. 你顯然不大明白辦事的手續, 我很快就給你解釋清楚。

    • ph. 解決某事物; 排除某事物存在的困難

    • Let's try to straighten out this confusion. 咱們努力收拾這個混亂的局面吧。

    • ph. 克服困難

    • John straightened out the difficulty and became happy again. 約翰克服了困難, 因而又變得快樂了。

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    • ph.
    • We'll get the case straightened out. 我們會把情況弄清。


    • ph.
    • We'll get the case straightened out. 我們會把情況弄清。
    • vi.
    • vt.
    • she sat down, straightening out one leg 她伸著一條腿坐了下來

      he untwisted the wire and straightened it out 他解開纏繞的電線後又把它拉直

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