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  1. strain energy

    • IPA[strān ˈenərjē]
    • n.
      energy stored in an elastic body under loading
    • noun: strain energy

    • 釋義


    • 1. energy stored in an elastic body under loading ligaments and tendons are elastic structures that can store strain energy, like a spring determinations of the form of the strain energy function
  2. 知識+

    • 求英文解釋名詞

      ...16. permanent set『永久變形』 ■17. Hooke’s law『虎克定律』 ■18. strain energy density『應變能密度』 《解說》:strain energy就是『應變能』

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      ... and observing the dynamic action and phenomenon (such as stress, strain, energy absorption, displacement, velocity, acceleration, acceleration curve, force,…..etc.) 由此模擬結果...

    • 把化學名詞翻譯成中文(有機化學)

      ...torsional strain 分子構形裡的扭力 6. steric strain 分子構形裡的空間張力 7. chair conformation...的 18. transition state 過度狀態 19. activation energy 活化能 20. intermediate 介質