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  1. stranger crime

    • n.
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    • 急徵英文高手Psychic solves crimes(Ⅱ)

      Detective Chief Inspector (我實在不知道該怎麼翻這個職稱...) Arnie Cooke 說, ""Nella已經提供許多關於謀殺案的無價協助。我們並須對超自然保持虛心的態度, 不追蹤她提供給我們的線索是愚笨的。有許多不可思議的事情...

    • 急!!寫英文作文!!

      ...'s fingerprints are all different. Therefore, a strange fingerprint in the place of crime often point out the man who commit a crime. However, although taking...

    • ㄧ個英文小問題

      ... three injury even! 4.The political blackness, strange power disorderly God, showbiz gossip read time! 5.Some social news excessively thorough report crime skill, guide to learn the crime in the subconscious!