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  1. street furniture

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    • 請告訴我以下工業設計的解釋名詞(非翻譯)

      Hi, Haven't done any industrial design course before, but I hope these explantions help. 1. 泛指公共區域的家具, 包括板凳, 桌椅等. 主要是提供給公眾使用的. 2. 所指的是設計物品的使用性. 3. 主要所指的人車分離的空間設計主觀, 舉例來說信義...

    • 商用英文書信-檢查翻譯,請各位大大幫忙,急!!!

      ...on your request, our latest traditional pieces and modern furniture catalog are enclosed with our price list NO. 100. ...

    • 誰能幫我寫50字英語文章(急需!)

      1. arrive 2.influence 3.afford 4.behave 5.function 7.carelessly 8.activity 9.item 片語: 1.take pride...childhood memory,. that the parade’s activity here in the streets every year. You know, there were ...