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    • 關於gay的問題 用英文回答

      ... may see more gay couple walking on the streets but that doesn't mean their ... you support that make gay people marriage to be legal? Yes, i do. However, I think the...

    • 恨中錄:惠慶宮日記, 修辭及訂正錯誤(1)

      ..., it was completely dark and the lights were lit in the street. 他若有所思的補充說:"我會將送妳一本小學”基礎學習”(소학)抄本...

    • 這~請大大們幫個忙 中譯英 謝謝了

      ...and a well known reputation. The participants are the government, consumers, and street vendors, which interact closely and under effective supervision of the government to comply with legal regulations.