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  1. stress management

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    • 英文高手~~一篇小文章中翻英~~

      ...把自己當作藝術品一樣,創造出屬於自己的生命風格。 On the subject of stress management, one should take stress as a raw power. One will extend one’s meaning...

    • 咖啡[上癮]

      ... C. Stöppler, M.D.,Your Guide to Stress Management.FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now!October...

    • 這一段英文中的動詞+ing是當動名詞用嗎?

      you write the Recommendations section of a report to GVM's Managing Directot. 是祈使句,所以是you the recommendation section outlines your practical suggestions ...... outlilnes 的主詞不是 you 哦 write the...