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  1. stretch one's legs

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    • 伸懶腰”的英語怎麼說?

      ...是stretch one`s body 因為stretch有伸展的意思,所以〔伸展身體〕就是指伸懶腰 而stretch one`s legs也有類似的意思,但它是指久坐沒運動後,散個步活動筋骨的意思,就像我們...

    • 請幫我翻譯一下英文句子

      ...aisle seat. 我比較喜歡靠走道的. Terry: Why? 為什麼? Susie: So I can stretch my legs 那樣才可以伸展我的雙腿. Amy: Are there any interesting jobs in the paper...

    • 求高手翻譯~

      ...patient me answer every one of you ' why '. As me because of when both legs are tired and unable to walk , please stretch out your young and strong hands and support me with one's hand. ...