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  1. stretch oneself out

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    • 1. 躺著舒展身體 He stretched himself out in front of the fire and fell asleep. 他舒展開身體躺在爐火旁邊睡著了。
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    • 請問 spread 跟 stretch 有什麼不一樣 ?

      ...可見 例 : Papers had been spread out on the desk.(各種報紙攤在書桌上) 3. 張開, 伸開...蔓延 or 水災漫開 6. 延伸, 擴展 --> 山脈的延伸 ## Stretch ~ 1. 把東西撐大, 撐鬆或弄寬 --> 比如把鞋撐大...

    • 電影英文~~(特效?)

      ...effect, the snow seems that leaving one's own on one's body, can catch to stretch out one's hand! There is sense of coming personally very much! ! 2...

    • 請求各位懂英文的大大中翻英歌詞(20點)

      ...child Can only be in this corner Let you pass by silently Even stretch out one's hand Do not dare to do Dream which I want Love it...