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  1. stretch out

    • ph.
      伸出; 直直地躺;延長
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    • 1. 伸出; 直直地躺 You can stretch this rubber out to twice its length. 你可以把這橡膠的長度延伸一倍。 He stretched himself out on the beach。 他伸直身子躺在海灘上。
    • 2. 延長 They don't want to stretch the meeting out. 他們不想把會議延長。 He couldn't stretch out his money to the end of the month. 他的錢花不到月底。


    伸出; 直直地躺

  2. 知識+

    • 拜託好心人幫我翻譯成中文~!

      Stretch out your hands  伸出你的援手Be concerned with the minority ethnicity關心少數族群 還有~~To care about disadvantage groups.      關懷弱勢團體 

    • 幫我看一下文法對不對~

      ...句子也要以助動詞在句首正確方式呈現 go around and around才有不停轉圈圈的感覺 stretch out to infinity 延伸到無限) If it’s a circle, should we cut it off or spin...

    • 翻譯光良-少年歌詞

      ...that youth within noisy coast line(Cao) memory proud of declaration (Light)stretch out hands can embrace each other whole world(Cao) to believe all dream to certainly...