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  1. strike (or sound) a note of

    • ph.
      express (a particular feeling or view) about something
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    • 文法解釋 to be given,動詞ing與否的問題?

      1.The note is _____ to Professor Smith. A. to have given B. to... you ______Lucy's idea of joining the strike? A. up or down B. with...

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      ...及物動詞的用法: If someone or something features in something...那裡? 2014-05-25 20:56:28 補充: a lot of money spending是「...寫在便條或通知「裡」:in the note),你不能用中文的語法來判讀英文...

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      ...音樂使用是與在中國人的一個異常的五音標度(C D E G A)的五音音樂使用的那不同。 Balanese電話這五口氣東,鄧,糞,鐘聲...