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  1. strike an attitude (or pose)

    • ph.
      hold one's body in a particular position to create an impression
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    • 英文strike和contrary/opposite用法

      ...struck gold. 經過數月的勘探,他終於發現了金礦。 取...姿態,裝出 He struck an attitude of dignity. 他裝出一副尊嚴的樣子。 彈奏;奏出 He struck a...

    • 請不要用翻譯軟體,中翻英,幫幫忙各位大大

      ... take the breeding attitude with open democracy to children... being modern and when not striking of changes of society,can flexible... father was a soldier of an air force in the past, he yearned...

    • The Deerslayer

      ... own head, and in the very attitude necessary to return the attack. It... neither raising an arm, nor bending his head to avoid it. The keen little axe struck the victim in a perpendicular line with the...