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  1. strike out

    • vi.
      開始新的道路; 開始獨立;猛擊
    • vt.
      刪去; 在…上畫線
    • 釋義
    • vi.
    • 1. 開始新的道路; 開始獨立

      to strike out in a new direction 闖出一條新路

      to strike out on one's own 開始獨立謀生

    • 2. 猛擊

      he lost his temper and struck out wildly 他怒不可遏,大打出手

      to strike out at sb./sth. 朝某人/某物猛擊

    • 3. 抨擊

      to strike out at sb./sth. 抨擊某人/某事物

      she struck out at her critics, claiming their comments were biased 她駁斥那些批評她的人,聲稱他們的評論抱有偏見

    • 4. 行進

      we struck out across the field 我們穿過了田野

      he struck out strongly for the shore 他奮力向岸邊游去

    • 5. 失敗

      the movie struck out and didn’t win a single Oscar 那部影片拍砸了,奧斯卡獎項一項都沒拿到

    • vt.
    • 1. 刪去; 在…上畫線

      she struck out the whole paragraph 她把一整段都刪掉了

  2. 知識+

    • baseball用語中文翻譯

      [某投手] strikes out the side in the first inning, sandwiched around a two-out walk...side: 攻方"那一邊"的所有打擊手,用到時通常是在半局內,連續三出局(strike out the side 即「連續三三振」),但是也有例外的時候。以下節自維基百科: strike...

    • I struck out. I was struck

      beV+ p.p. 被動式 因為是"被"別人甩 所以I was struck out. 才是"我被甩了" 2006-08-22 11:12:09 補充: I struck...

    • 英文strike和contrary/opposite用法

      ...枚勳章。 刪掉;取消 (+off/out/through) She read through her essay and struck out a few words here and there. 她將論文通讀一遍,在一些地方刪去了幾個...