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    • 鐘響 的英文動詞 strike sound ring等

      ...聲音的用法。 3. sound:if something such as a horn or bell sounds, or if makes a sound to show that someone is telephoning you...clock,不管你是什麼鐘,搭配的動詞為 strike(也因此你的Q2答案也應選...

    • 請問誰有pay it forward的英文對白?

      ...quot;? Trevor: Bullshitting. Eugene: Do I strike you as someone falsely nice? Trevor: No. You're not even really all that nice...

    • 幾個單詞的翻譯,討論一下可能的意思!

      ... cock: 1.The act of punchingor striking someone's face or head so hard, they are ... ridiculing and shaming, as well asa potential loss of friendship (意思大約是&ldquo...