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  1. string bean


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    • 中文有三個字的蔬果英文

      Snap bean 四季豆 String bean 四季豆 green bean 四季豆 kiwi 奇異果(獼猴桃) kiwifruit...cabbage 紫甘藍 2014-03-24 09:06:59 補充: Lima Bean 皇帝豆 california pear 加州梨 sweet potato leaves...

    • 有關” Today is Monday” 這本書的內容

      ... is Monday. today is Monday. Monday, string beans All you hungry children Come and eat it up. Monday...

    • 美式和英式英文的單字

      ... (though sneakers are acceptable) 7.wrench - spanner 8.pole beans - string beans 9.flashlight - torch 10.shoulder of a rood - hard shoulder or surface verge 11...