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  1. stringiest

    • stringy的形容詞最高級
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    • 英文 stringy sentence

      With her mother being French and her father being Turkish , Blanche learned both languages when she was growing up although she mostly speaks English now because she is...

    • 「運動白癡」,如何用英文表達?

      ...一個人對運動不熟,這些也可參考: He's awkward. He's stringy. He's lanky. Butterfingers! He has two...

    • 挖果肉的英文

      ...冰淇淋的 scoop, 所以 scoop可當動詞 --->scoop out the guts (seeds and stringy membrane) 把南瓜的果肉作成南瓜派--->Use fresh pumkin to make/bake pumkin...