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  1. strive

    • IPA[strīv]


    • v.
      make great efforts to achieve or obtain something;struggle or fight vigorously
    • verb: strive, 3rd person present: strives, gerund or present participle: striving, past tense: strove, past participle: striven

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    • past of strive

    Oxford Dictionary

    • past of strive

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • IPA[strʌɪv]


    • v.
      make great efforts to achieve or obtain something: national movements were striving for independence we must strive to secure steady growth

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • strive for verbal resolution翻譯

      to strive is: 1. to try or work hard 2. for the purpose of asserting of ... intrinsic meaning of "opposing" in the word "strive". that is why "strive" is typically used in a positive...

    • 請問英文的三態是那三態

      strive 現在式 strove 過去式 strven 過去分詞 英文每一個動詞都有三態...就是現在式,過去式,還有過去分詞(也就是所謂的pp) 還有一種是時態..跟動詞三態不一樣...時態分為現在,過去,未來. 希望有你要的答案..

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      小花意見正確 又strive為Vi 如strive to,strive for 誠改供參 Helen Keller ...