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    • ”最討厭戴帽子”口語的英文怎麼說?謝謝

      I hate wearing hats. I have a strong dislike to wear hats. I dislike wearing hats. I don't like wearing hats.

    • 請問一些動名詞與that和either or用法

      ... most people grew up either hating math or having a strong dislike for equation. 是 從哪裡變來的意思是說動詞原形嗎 hate & have 3...

    • which 用法?

      ...加which A person's ability is getting strong 這個結構雖有句子的成分,但有語病,因為a person = any...名詞,為先行詞(修飾的對象是前面的全句) They dislike John, which is not surprising. (4...