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  1. strong situation

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    • 英文翻中文 15點急~ 這三題翻譯1.Monsoons

      ...補充: 結合成一段比較好翻。 Monsoons are strong winds affecting the weather of several ...air from the ocean towards the land. In the winter, the situation is the opposite, and the ocean draws air from the...

    • 中華電信英文求觧答

      ...人權和民主) 2 Today,s worker need to have many strong _ in order to handle different challenges at ...只有頭銜(titles)是無效的。 3 ___ the economic situation is getting worse ,some companies...

    • yet = still ??? (有例題)

      Zoe is strong but Jean is still stronger. 因為 Jean 是現在是比 Zoe 強壯,而且是持續下去的。 ( If a situation that used to exist still exists, it has continued and...