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  1. stronger

    • strong的形容詞、副詞比較級
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    • 是 how strong 還是what a strong?

      ... can lift a chair with only one hand. (A)so strong (B)how strong (C)what a strong (D)very strong...第1題不可選B. 如果句子改為: We wonder how strong the little girl is. She can lift..... 這樣才會...

    • more strongerstronger 可互換嗎?

      strong是單音節 是直接加er 而且說真的 並沒有more stronger的用法喔 如果是要說"一隻熊比...狗更大 那應該要寫A bear is much stronger than a dog. 雙音節or多音節才是用more + adj 如果...

    • strong coffee例句?!

      May I have a cup of strong coffee, Please. You looks awful, how about having some...