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    • 請幫我解釋有關音樂的英文名詞!

      studio musicians: 專門在工作室錄音寫歌作曲的音樂人 不屬於特別一家經記公司 通常以接 case/project為主 recording session: 錄音時間 (通常會有專門的音效師幫你錄音)

    • 英文高手請進!翻譯達人幫忙一下喔

      ... violinist with a flair for rock. Rianne went to his rehearsal studio to talk with the musician where she was also treated to a performance with the band. take a look...

    • <翻譯>together we're heavy

      .... With such a large collaboration there were musicians/singers who had years of experience in the studio while most had none. Some of these sections ...