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    • studys living abroad 是甚?

      (1) studys living abroad是不合乎文法的說法,個人判斷句意,應該說study and live abroad,表示"在...

    • 英文高手翻譯句子~急急

      Studying abroad is my goal(dream). Not only can it improve my English... abroad before, not even traveling as a vocation, which makes study abroad a great dream of mine. Yet a serious problem pops up : I...

    • 遊學的英文怎麼講??

      study abroad (not aboard) (abroad means "oversea" ; aboard means 板子) 去國外...travel不用加s 或ing) 遊學 顧名思義 邊旅遊邊學習 2005-06-24 02:06:29 補充: study abroad 當然也有短期的 像柏克萊(UCBerkeley)每年summer都會有一些foreign學生...